City-County Shop Relocation

Welcome to the Butte-Silver Bow City-County Shops Relocation Public Input Page

This section of the BSB website has been constructed to provide the public with a) information related to the ongoing site relocation evaluation for the City-County Maintenance Shops; b) an opportunity for citizens and businesses to provide input and ask questions relative to the Shops relocation site(s) and process; and c) up-to-date schedule for public meetings, hearings, tours and other events.


In early 2016, Governor Bullock issued a mandate for the State of Montana to move forward with the removal of the Parrott Tailings waste materials from the historic Silver Bow Creek headwaters floodplain. These waste materials are the most contaminated wastes left in place within the Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit/Butte Area One Superfund site; the removal of the Parrott and other wastes downstream has been identified by the State of Montana, the community of Butte and its local government as a top priority in the final remediation and restoration of these areas to a functioning ecosystem within the center of our community and at the headwaters of the Upper Clark Fork basin. The decision to remove the Parrott Tailings has created an imminent need for Butte-Silver Bow City-County to move its Public Works Shops, which currently are located on the south side of Civic Center Road, east of the Butte Civic Center and directly on top of roughly half the Parrott Tailings. The work by the State of Montana to remove the Parrott wastes will commence in fall of 2016 with Phase One of the project focusing on the areas NORTH of the Civic Center Road. As a full partner in and supporter of the cleanup of Silver Bow Creek, Butte-Silver Bow needs to choose a relocation site, design and construct its new City-County Shop complex at roughly the same time the State of Montana is performing its removal project on the North Side of Civic Center Road.

Butte-Silver Bow undertook an analysis of potential sites for relocation some months ago. This analysis included a number of sites and locations, a comprehensive selection criteria and a number of public presentations and meetings throughout late 2015 and 2016. In February 2016, the Council of Commissioners voted to have Butte-Silver Bow begin negotiations with Jim Gilman of Gilman Construction to purchase his property on the south side of Centennial Avenue as the new location of the City-County Shops. Unfortunately, the owner ultimately decided in mid-July not to sell the property.

There are five remaining sites still under consideration: 1. North Side of Civic Center Road; 2. Montana Resources Property on the east side of Shields Avenue/north of MR’s offices; 3. Burlington Northern property on the west side of Shields Avenue and south of the Belmont/Maroon Activities Center; 4. MSE/Mike Mansfield Advanced Technology Center south of town on Technology Way, west side of south Harrison Avenue; 5. Salusso Property on the north side of Centennial Avenue, and generally encompassing the site of the current Butte-Silver Bow Animal Shelter. BSB staff presented a preliminary recommendation of the North Side of Civic Center Road on July 20; this recommendation is available for review here; however, after receiving overwhelming public comment to further investigate the other/additional site locations prior to seeking selection, this preliminary recommendation has been withdrawn. All of the aforementioned sites will remain under evaluation and consideration during a robust public input process that is currently underway/being developed. This process will gather additional public input and technical information to be used in the final site recommendation to Council in the coming weeks.

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