The mission of the Butte-Silver Bow FICMMR Review Team is to reduce preventable fetal, infant, child and maternal deaths by making recommendations based on the lessons learned from the review of all deaths of those who fit into the specified age range (fetus through 18 years of age and mothers with children less than 18 months of age). 

The purpose of the FICMMR Review Team is to identify, address and potentially decrease the number of preventable deaths by making recommendations for needed policy, system or legislative changes, examining community trends and issues, and facilitating prevention activities at the local level.  

The Butte-Silver Bow FICMMR team consists of five core team members as stated in statute MCA 50-19-403.  Members will be determined and recruited by the lead FICMMR coordinator, lead FICMMR facilitator and lead FICMMR team member(s).  The total team consists of 14 individuals that contribute to the reviews by bringing their expertise, case knowledge and professionalism.