Patrol Division

Call Response
The men and women who work in our patrol division are dedicated to citizens of Butte-Silver Bow. Our uniformed officers are the people that respond to the 911 calls you make. They are the front-line community responders for the city/county of Butte-Silver Bow. In 2010, our patrol officers handled over 31,000 calls. We provide service around the clock, 365 days a year.
Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department: Patrol Division 1
Contact Info

Capt. J. McCarthy
(406) 497-1124

General Information
(406) 497-1120, ext. 3

The patrol division consists of three patrol teams consisting of one lieutenant, two sergeants and seven officers. These officers work five days on and have three days off.

Specialized Unit
Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department: Patrol Division 2Within the patrol division there are three specialized units. The traffic unit consists of two officers working four 10-hour shifts with three days off. These officers are trained in accident investigation, and during the summer months are our motor officers. Motor officers have attended specialized training.

School Resource Officers
In conjunction with Butte-Silver Bow School District 1, we have two school resource officers that are funded in part by the school district. These officers work five days on and two days off during the school year. They also work sporting events, dances and other school activities. During the summer, the officers are assigned to the patrol division. These officers have attended specialized training and are assigned to the school for a period not to exceed four years.

Housing Authority Officer
Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department: Patrol Division 3The Butte-Silver Bow Housing Authority funds one housing authority officer who is responsible for patrolling the properties belonging to the housing authority. This officer works five days on with two days off. The officer is responsible for developing relationships with the staff and tenants of the housing authority properties. In conjunction with the housing authority, the officer strives to keep the properties safe for the tenants and the public.

Patrol Officer Responsibilities
Our patrol officers are sworn to enforce all federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Our patrol officers maintain peace and order, as well as protect lives and property of all persons within our community. Our officers will take appropriate police action, within the limits of legal authority, whenever and wherever required, to maintain peace and order.

Professional Decorum
All Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department officers will maintain professional decorum and display a proper attitude in all dealings with citizens. From time to time, the patrol officer may be detailed to other specialized duties as required and directed by the sheriff. Some patrol officers are also members of the SWAT team and can be called away from patrol if a high-risk situation arises.

Additional Responsibilities
In addition, patrol officers are responsible for answering calls for service, patrolling assigned areas, investigating motor vehicle collisions, enforcing traffic laws and criminal statutes, and completing written reports and other documents as required. Our new police officers spend their first 14 weeks on patrol with a field training officer (FTO). FTO's are on-the-job teachers and mentors for officers who have just completed the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena, MT.

The operations captain, Capt. J. McCarthy, is in charge of the patrol division and can be reached at 406-497-1124.